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After being diagnosed with heart disease, many women experience feelings of isolation and depression. Talking with someone who’s been there can make a difference in emotional recovery. WomenHeart has a unique model utilizing a series of peer to peer programs specifically designed to educate and support you each step of your heart health journey:


Connect with another woman heart patient for support through our Sister Match program.  

Through SisterMatch, women connect one-on-one with a WomenHeart Champion volunteer who can provide needed support over the phone, in person, or via email. Through this peer connection, you will learn how to deal with new thoughts and feelings in ways that written information, cardiac rehabilitation, and other recovery services may not achieve, adding to your sense of hope, well-being and healing.


Empower yourself and take charge of your heart health by attending a WomenHeart Support Network  online or at a location near you!

Receive the support you need through our patient-centered module curriculum approved by leaders in cardiology. Through education and the support of local women just like you, you gain the skills not only to cope, but thrive!


Develop the skills of support through your participation in WomenHeart’s HeartScarves program.

Assist your WomenHeart Support Network by delivering HeartScarves – red scarves hand-made by men and women crafters across the country in support of women and heart disease. Distributed in hospitals and at Support Network meetings throughout the country, each scarf offers comfort, support, and encouragement for a woman with heart disease at a time when she is most vulnerable and frightened. HeartScarves becomes a part of her healing journey, as well as yours, as you discover the power of supporting other women like you!


With the tools you’ve gathered along your heart health journey, you now may be ready to help another woman along her journey. If so, become a WomenHeart Champion and join our mission to advocate, educate and support women living with or at risk for heart disease.


A WomenHeart Champion is a heart disease survivor who has completed training at WomenHeart’s Science & Leadership Symposium at Mayo Clinic, one of the nation’s leading heart clinics.

Armed with knowledge and confidence, she is ready to tell her story, spread heart health awareness, and support WomenHeart’s educational and advocacy programs. Sound like a mission you’d like to join? Follow these steps and be sure to click the links for details on how to engage your medical community and become the go-to heart health advocate for women in your community.  Making the decision to become a WomenHeart Champion will change your life!


Engage you medical community through WomenHeart’s National Hospital Alliance.

The National Hospital Alliance (NHA) is comprised of hospitals across the country committed to advancing women’s heart health. It is a partnership that seeks to ensure that women heart disease patients in every community have access to information, education and patient support services. By joining the NHA, the hospital has access to educational materials and programs developed by the nation’s medical leaders in women’s heart health, and access to the training and technical assistance required to establish and maintain a post-discharge support group for your women heart patients.

Find out more about WomenHeart’s National Hospital Alliance and how your local hospital can join hospitals across the country in seeking to ensure that women heart disease patients receive the gender specific care they need.


Master the tools you need to become an effective heart health advocate in your community by attending WomenHeart’s Science & Leadership Symposium at Mayo Clinic.

This prestigious four day training conference brings together dedicated women heart survivors – like you – to train them to be community educators and peer support leaders who provide support and education to other women living with heart disease.  At the completion of this training, you will be equipped to employ a WomenHeart program in your community!


Benefits of becoming a WomenHeart Champion:

·         Join a network of over 850 trained women heart disease survivors

·         Invitation to exclusive trainings and educational conferences

·         Access to leading medical professionals and advocates in the field of cardiology

·         Ongoing support from WomenHeart National Office

·         Opportunities to serve as a National Spokesperson for women and heart disease

·         Become the face of heart disease advocacy in your community

As a WomenHeart Champion you will gain the tools to empower women in your community to take charge of their heart health. So rally your troops and win the war on heart disease one life at a time!

Click here for a step by step guide on how to become a WomenHeart Champion and help others like you thrive! If you are interested in becoming a WomenHeart Champion, you will need to complete our short questionnaire. Click here if you would like to go directly to the questionnaire.

 Click here to download this helpful infographic.




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