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Questions to ask your doctor: Testing & Diagnosis
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•About Screening:
• What is this test and why are you recommending it?
• What information will this test provide? Are there other ways to obtain the information?
• How will the test results affect my care?
• How accurate is the test? Has it been proven safe and reliable in women?
• How should I prepare for the test? When can I eat before and after it?
• Who will perform the test? Where will it be conducted? How often has that person/lab performed the test during the past year?
• What dangers or risks are associated with this test?
• Will I be awake during the test? Will it hurt or be uncomfortable?
• How long will the test last? When can I go home?
• Will there be any pain or side effects after the test?
• How and when will I receive the test results?
• How much will the test cost me? 

About Diagnosis:
• What is the technical name of my disease or condition, and what does it mean in plain English?
• Will I need any additional tests?
• What lifestyles changes will I need to make to improve my health?
• Is there a chance that someone else in my family might get the same condition?
• Will I need special help at home for my condition?
• Is there any treatment?
• What are my treatment options?
• How soon do I need to make a decision about treatment?
• What are the benefits and risks associated with my treatment options?
• Is there a clinical trial (research study) that is right for me?
• What organizations and resources do you recommend for support and information? 

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