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Do you often feel angry or hostile? Researchers at Duke University School of Medical found that women who are often antagonistic, angry, and lash out at others risk raising their blood pressure and cholesterol levels by releasing stress hormones into their bloodstreams. In fact, cholesterol levels of women in the angry study population of the Duke study were 18% higher than their peers.

If you experience frequent outbursts of anger each day, tend to explode when you become angry, or are easily angered, you need to understand that you have a problem. Even if this is what you were taught and how your family always expressed feelings, you need to take better care of yourself, learn how to manage your anger, and control this destructive behavior. You can: 

Physically remove yourself from the person or event that is making you angry. Go sit in another room or outside for 20 minutes.

Learn relaxation exercises to calm yourself. Sit down and close your eyes for 10 minutes or take a walk around the block.

Schedule a brief time out when approaching situations or time of day when you tend to get most stressed and angry.

Talk yourself down from the anger. Breathe deeply from your gut and repeat - "I will remain calm" or "relax".

Learn new ways to express your anger assertively, not aggressively, without hurting others. If someone has offended you, say to him/her: I am angry with you because you did [X] and the reason it makes me angry is [X].

You may also want to work with a therapist to learn new anger management skills, or to probe deeper for the underlying causes of your angry and hostile behavior.
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