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Survivor Stories
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Nothing is more powerful than a story from the heart.  Stories of survival make the facts and figures on women's heart disease come to life and echo the importance of WomenHeart messages of prevention and early detection, accurate diagnosis, and proper treatment. 

Our WomenHeart Champions are not only survivors, but the"boots on the ground" in the fight against heart disease. These women have gone on to educate and support thousands of women nationwide by writing books, starting their own nonprofit organizations, contributing to groundbreaking research and using their voices to raise awareness of the number one killer of women. 


Monthly Champion Spotlight - December
Caring for Your Mental Health - Starr Mirza 


Did you know three out of four women with heart disease screen either positive, or moderate to severe for a mental health condition? This can mean more than just anxiety or depression.

Starr Mirza is a WomenHeart Champion living with PTSD from cardiac trauma and says many other women might not know they’re living with the same symptoms. She’s using her experience to teach others about the importance of caring for your mental health while living with chronic illness. 

Read Starr's full Champion story 



WomenHeart Champion Survivor Stories

Carol:  "I started having indigestion late one afternoon while meeting with clients.  As I sat listening to the auctioneer present my clients with various alternatives to selling their home, the pain intensified.  I told my client, who happened to be a doctor, about my symptom, and he explained that it may be a gall bladder issue since I had no other symptoms of a heart attack... [read more]




Janice: "Early one morning I began having pain in my chest and sweating.  It felt like all my body functions were out of control.  I did not think that what was happening was a heart attack, but to be on the safe side my husband and I left for the hospital... [read more]


Kimberly: Kimberly was diagnosed with a heart murmur at the age of 12. When she was 17, she was diagnosed with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. By the age of 21, Kimberly was in heart failure and was put on the heart transplant list. [view Kim's video]









Champion Spotlight Archive

November 2018 - Jeanine Wallace
An active duty soldier in the U.S. Army, Jeanine was forced to retire after being diagnosed with coronary microvascular disease (MVD) last year.

October 2018 - Joe Burgett
Learn about Joe's significant impact by arranging a fundraising event to celebrate Heart Month (Rockin' the Red)

September 2018Olivia Rodriguez and Leticia Madrigal
Two incredible women who are pillars of their respective communities.

August 2018 - Corie Cutshall 
“I don’t look like your typical face of heart disease,” says WomenHeart Champion Corie Cutshall. “And I definitely didn’t take it seriously because I was so young.”

July 2018 - Amy Josar: The Sisterhood You Never Knew You Needed
One year after undergoing open heart surgery, she attended WomenHeart’s Science & Leadership Symposium in Rochester, MN. “Doctors focus on your physical recovery, but they don’t discuss the emotional recovery."

June 2018 - Yesenia Araujo: New York Strong
Yesenia suffers from asthma and while she knew this shortness of breath didn’t feel like her usual asthma, her past history was on both her and her doctor’s mind, distracting from the real problem at hand.

May 2018 - Meet Mary Anne Norling
Pregnant with her first baby at 23 years old, Mary Anne Norling was excited and nervous, bracing herself for the Washington, D.C. summer heat when she found out she had pre-eclampsia. 

April 2018 - Meet Marcia Egeland
You know all those headlines that read, “How could a healthy, 40-something have a heart attack?” What they don’t seem to understand, is that heart disease does not discriminate.

March 2018 -  Then and Now: Dawn Manogue and Lily Toomey
Dawn was diagnosed with peripartum cardiomyopathy—a form of heart failure due to pregnancy—in 2001, just seven weeks after giving birth. "I was misdiagnosed,” Dawn says. “I was in end-stage heart failure, but they told me I had New-Mommy anxiety. 

February 2018 - Meet Pamela Thomas
The perfect blend of fierce and fearless, 47-year old Pamela Thomas knows the importance of support to help women with heart disease thrive. 

January 2018 - WomenHeart Champion Spotlight: Georgia Leventis-Molina
“They kept giving me pain pills, but nothing was getting better,” Georgia recalls. 

December 2017 - Meet Ann Bendall
...she stumbled upon WomenHeart at a health fair where WomenHeart Champion Kathy Kastan was volunteering. “She says I came up to her and shyly said, ‘Hi. I have heart disease.’"

November 2017 - Meet Melissa Cappuccilli
No matter she was only 8-weeks post-heart surgery, but Melissa isn’t one to sit on the sidelines. 

October 2017 - Meet Lucia Johnson
Lucia values her newfound heart sisters tremendously because she says her own heart journey was very lonely

August 2017 - Meet Debora Grandison
WomenHeart Champion Debora Grandison of St. Louis, Missouri (class of 2013), has been living with heart disease and diabetes for almost 30 years.

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